Applegate Road

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Applegate Road

The move to Applegate from Northern California was a plan long in the making for Laura and Eric. This home was to be their final dream home. They had a fixed budget and a long list of ‘must haves’. By the time they met with Verity, they had been led to believe that what they wanted wasn’t possible. Verity assisted them in choosing what made sense and what didn’t, providing alternative suggestions that worked within their budget. Tim and his team took the time to act as advisors, helping to steer Eric and Laura in the right direction when hard questions and tough decisions presented themselves. The client was always delighted with the outcome.


Residential New Home

“We had met with a number of other contractors before deciding on Verity. What we liked immediately, was how Tim arrived asking more questions about our vision than pitching his solutions and ideas. We knew right away that Verity was aligned with our thinking. Tim’s aim was to make sure we ended up with the home we wanted. He went out of his way to provide alternate material solutions that fit our cost needs, while not compromising the overall aesthetics of the home we envisioned.”

— Eric and Laura —