BBSI Business Management Solutions

office space with tenant improvements: permanent desks installed in rows with partitions

BBSI Business Management Solutions

BBSI Area Manager, Joe Rossi, had a vision for an open format that would allow as much natural light filtering in as possible yet provide his team with generous individual work spaces. The 4,500 square foot space was essentially just an exterior shell with no internal walls or divisions. Verity brought in their architect to assist in designing the space. After a few iterations, plans were drafted that fit the needs of  Joe Rossi and his BBSI Southern Oregon staff. Every detail from the color of carpet and glass thickness to the perfectly placed outlets for the coffee maker. The master schedule was built next and the project was executed on time and to the client’s satisfaction.


Tenant Improvement

“I couldn’t have been happier with Verity’s willingness to act as a trusted advisor. Tim and his team provided alternatives to meet my requests rather than ‘tell me’ what was going to be done. Time after time, Tim illustrated his belief in quality. If anything didn’t meet his expectation, he took care of it himself. Having a contractor that consistently responded within 24 hours was an entirely new experience for me. We just contracted with Verity to build out another 2000 square feet to meet our growing needs.”

— Joe Rossi —