Top Renovations to Maximize Your Home Value in Southern Oregon

kitchen remodel in Medford, Oregon

Top Renovations to Maximize Your Home Value in Southern Oregon

If you’re renovating your Medford, Ashland or other Southern Oregon home, you likely want updates that will not only improve your enjoyment of the space, but also boost resale value. With the right improvements, you can potentially recoup over 70% of renovation costs when you eventually sell according to the National Association of Realtors. But not all upgrades deliver an equally good return. Focus your makeover efforts and budget on the areas with biggest impact.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

A major kitchen remodel in Southern Oregon costs $25,000 to $50,000 on average based on estimates from contractors like ABC Renovations. Bathroom remodels range from $10,000 to $25,000. While pricy, modernizing cabinets, countertops, sinks, lighting and appliances in the kitchen brings the interior up to date. In bathrooms, installing more stylish finishes like tile, new vanities and walk-in showers creates a spa-like retreat. Because these busy rooms get heavy use, buyers favor homes with nicely updated kitchens and bathrooms. Aim for a cohesive, luxurious look using quality materials to get the most bang for your buck.

Curb Appeal Matters

While you want the inside of your Southern Oregon home to shine, don’t neglect exterior renovations that boost streetside allure. A new front door with statement hardware and coordinating exterior paint color immediately increase curb appeal. Upgrading aging siding, windows, roofing and outdoor lighting also catches buyers’ eyes. Cleaning up the yard by adding stone walkways, a fresh coat of mulch and colorful plantings is often an easy value booster as well.

Open Floor Plan

Today’s buyers covet wide open spaces and flexibility. Consider knocking down walls to open the kitchen to adjacent living areas. You can also modernize traffic flow and create a greater sense of space. Adding an island or breakfast bar also suits modern lifestyles. Just be sure plumbing changes don’t bust the budget. Opening up the floor plan feels fresh and allows better flow for entertaining and family activity.

Luxury Master Suite

The master bedroom and bath offer another smart place to invest renovation dollars in Southern Oregon. Create a spa-like bathroom haven with standalone soaking tub, frameless glass shower, double vanity and swanky fixtures. In the adjoining bedroom, add a plush rug, stylish lighting, walk-in closet systems and luxe bedding/window treatments. The master suite is an oasis that today’s buyers look for, so renovating it can really pay off.

Garage Enhancements

Don’t ignore the garage when planning renovations. Updating the garage door itself, adding insulated garage doors, installing storage systems and epoxy coating the floors elevate this space. Potential buyers will appreciate covered parking, organized storage and insulation that keeps the garage comfortable for use as a workshop. Any aged or damaged garage systems should be modernized as well.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

With energy costs in Southern Oregon remaining high, upgrades that reduce utilities offer value. Replacing old windows provides better insulation. Updated heating/cooling systems and water heaters boost efficiency. Added insulation in walls and attics also keeps energy bills lower. Smart home technology like Nest thermostats and LED lighting let homeowners better control energy use. And solar power options are increasing in the region. Promote these improvements to attract buyers looking to save.

Neutral Finishes and Colors

When selecting materials like flooring, countertops and paint colors, stick with versatile, neutral options as much as possible. While personal style is important, too many bold finishes or colors could turn away potential buyers if not to their tastes. Timeless whites and grays, hardwood flooring, quartz counters and stainless steel appliances have the widest appeal. Pops of color can come from décor and artwork that is easily changed.

Quality Over Quantity

Carefully assess how many upgrades to take on. Doing too little means missing value-boosting potential. But over-improving a home far beyond others in the neighborhood or taking on unnecessary projects wastes money. Stick to renovations with proven return on investment and scope them appropriately to the home’s size and market segment. Bigger is not always better. Consult a local real estate professional for advice on value-adding projects.

Trust the Experts

Speaking of professionals, don’t go the DIY route for major renovations unless you truly have the skills. Kitchens, bathrooms, expansions and other structural, system or sophisticated aesthetic upgrades are best left to experts. Having renovations done right the first time by qualified remodelers protects your investment and safety. Permits and inspections are also key for avoiding issues down the road. Do your homework to find experienced Southern Oregon contractors for the job. The crew here at Verity Construction would be happy to talk with you about your potential remodel project to see if we’re the right fit for what you’re wanting done to your home.

Calculate the ROI

Use online tools like Zillow’s ROI calculator to estimate which upgrades in your home will pay off most when it’s time to sell. Input your target budget, potential costs of renovations and expected listing price. It will forecast estimated return on investment for bathroom, kitchen, curb appeal and other common renovations. This helps inform how to get the most value from your makeover budget.

Prioritize Necessary Repairs

Before undertaking discretionary renovations solely for aesthetics or buyer appeal, be sure to address any urgent or overdue repairs impacting livability. Problems like leaks, broken appliances/fixtures or inadequate electrical capacity should take priority.

Plan Ahead

Give yourself adequate lead time for significant remodels. Get contractor estimates, research permits, create a budget, finalize designs, purchase materials and schedule work crews well in advance. Unexpected delays are common mid-project. Avoid stressful rushing by building in contingencies. Thorough planning from start to finish ensures your dream remodel goes smoothly while adding functional and visual wow factor that boosts home value.

The key is focusing your makeover efforts and budget on the areas offering maximum payoff. With strategic renovations that make your Southern Oregon home more enjoyable and more valuable, you can’t go wrong enhancing spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and curb appeal. What outdated part of your home is calling for an upgrade that will improve both livability and salability when the time comes?